PHIP - Purchase of Health Insurance Program

This program provides life, health, dental and vision insurance for participating libraries. PHIP also provides a confidential Employee Assistance Program. All COBRA requirements for participating libraries are managed.

Who can join

In order to participate the intended library (public library, library system or library district within the state of Illinois) must currently be part of another insurance pool. Libraries who are not part of another insurance pool cannot obtain medical insurance coverage but can still obtain dental, vision and life insurance coverage.

How to join

For information on joining the program please contact Margie Tannehill:

Phone:  630-393-1483;

Cost to join

There is a $5.50 per month administration fee per employee insured in addition to current monthly rates of the following programs:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois
  • HSA/HDHP - PC1035
    $2,600 Deductible
  • PPO - PC1033
    $500 Deductible
  • PPO - PC1034
    $1,500 Deductible
  • HMO - 0552
    $0 Deductible
Delta Dental of Illinois - 11043
  • PPO Dental
  • HMO Dental
UniCare - 146209
  • Basic Life/AD&D $20,000
  • Voluntary Life/AD+D
VSP Vision


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

COMPSYCH, a confidential Employee Assistance Program, is available to PHIP Libraries.  Basic service is at no charge and available to all employees (they do not have to be on the insurance to use this service)..  Additional services can be purchased by each library. 

  • Basic - No Cost
  • FamilySource - Additional Cost
  • LegalConnect - Additional Cost
  • FinancialConnect - Additional Cost
Detailed Benefit Information: