Board Members

Sharon Swanson - Treasurer

Finance Manager
Reaching Across Illinois Library System
Term Expiration: 2026

Meeting Announcements

The Library Insurance Management and Risk Control Combination

Richard Kong- Secretary


Skokie Public Library

Term Expiration 2027

Nancy Korczak- 

Deputy Director

Fountaindale Public Library District

Term Expiration: 2026


             Board Meeting 

1:00 Special Board Meeting

Tuesday, 4/16/24

Fountaindale Public Library

300 Briarcliff Road, Bolingbrook, IL

Zoom 312-626-6799

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2024 Board Meeting Schedule 

January 16

March 19

May 21 - Spring Membership Mtg.

August 1

August 20 - Fall Membership Mtg.

September 17

November 19

Additional Documentation

Jill Trevino- Trustee

Human Resources Director
Illinois Heartland Library System
Term Expiration: 2027

Jennie Mills - Chairperson

Shorewood-Troy Public Library
Term Expiration: 2027