What We Provide

For any additional questions regarding these programs please contact: Margie Tannehill at: mtannehill@limricc.org

The Library Insurance Management and Risk Control Combination (LIMRiCC) was established to provide conventional  insurance coverage and/or self-insurance for claims against or by its  participants. Libraries are pooled together as one organization in order to provide lower premiums.

Unemployment Compensation Group Account (UCGA)

Purchase of Health Insurance Program (PHIP)

This program provides medical, dental, vision and life insurance for participating libraries. Additionally, all COBRA requirements are managed on behalf of participating libraries.  PHIP also provides an Employee Assistance Program.

About Us

Participating libraries are able to submit their portion of unemployment compensation directly to LIMRiCC rather than the state.  The annual rate is based on the last three years history of claims and taxable payroll for each library with a maximum rate of 5%.